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Hacking Android Using Kali Linux

Learn how to hack android phones and tablets using Kali Linux

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Today most people are keeping all their critical data (Emails, Contacts, SMS, Personnel files) on Smartphones and tablet that use different platform like Android and doesn't have the same layers of security like PC's and accordingly peoples may think that their data is safe because they have an Anti Virus and Firewall on their computers while the truth is that all the data is replicated on their smartphone or another android devices that is very easy to compromise.

This course consists of three different parts, first parts is about Kali Linux which will be used as Hacking platform, second part is about how to hack Android devices and third part is how to hack using Android devices, finally I would like to clarify that the course will be updated frequently with all new Android vulnerabilities and the exploitation techniques.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn Basic Hacking skills
  • Learn Kali Linux
  • Learn the major tools of Kali Linux
  • Setup Testing lab
  • Learn how to hack Android devices
  • Learn How to hack using Android devices
  • Learn Exploitation techniques


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  • Penetration Testing
    • Introduction
    • Disclamer
    • Android devices
  • Setup your Lab
    • Setup up your Virtual Machines
    • Setting your Workspace
    • Setup up your Android platform
  • Finding Your Way Around Kali
    • Kali Linux
    • Update / Upgrade Kali Packages
  • Important Tools
    • Netcat
    • Grabbing Banner
    • Transferring Files with Netcat
    • Remote Administration using Netcat
    • Android Netcat
    • Ettercap
    • Ettercap Basic
    • DNS Poising using Ettercap
    • Scanning a system using NMAP
  • Exploitation
    • Working with Exploit
    • Android Exploit
    • Metasploit
    • Armitage
    • Different Armitage usage
  • Hacking Android devices
    • Android Attack 1-1
    • Android Attack 1-2
    • Using Meterpreter session
    • Countermeasure
    • Android attack using Armitage
    • Stagefrigt Attack
    • Countermeasure
    • Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)
    • Fix SET if needed
    • Android Attack 2
    • Android Attack 3
    • Countermeasure
    • Install Notepad ++ in Kali Linux
  • Social Engineering
    • Spoofed Email
    • Countermeasure
    • Spoofed Mobile Number
    • Spoofed SMS
    • Countermeasure
  • Hacking using Android devices
    • Network Spoofer
    • Root a device
    • Bugtroid
    • Countermeasure