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Website Hacking Course To Become Professional Bug Bounty Hunter

Pursue your career in Bug Bounty Hunting via Learning website hacking from scratch level

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Basic knowledge about ethical hacking and its terminologies-- ISO File for Kali Linux-- Virtual Machine

Install Kali Linux - a penetration testing operating system-- Install windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing-- Learn Linux basics-- Understand how websites & web applications work-- Gather sensitive information about websites--

This course is centered around the practical side of penetration testing without ignoring the theory behind each attack. Before drifting into penetration testing, you will initially figure out how to set up a lab and install the required software to start practicing penetration testing.

At that point you will realize what is a site, how it works, what are its dependencies, what is a web server, a database, and how these segments cooperate to give us working sites?

When you see how sites function we will begin moving towards how might we exploit these components and methods for correspondence to do various intense attacks. This course will take you from a fresher to an expert level - when you complete this course, you will have the ability to launch attacks and test the security of sites and web applications the very same way that Black-Hat hackers would do to exploit vulnerabilities in order to secure sites from them.


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  • Introduction to website hacking and bug bounty
    • What you will get to learn in this course-en (0:55)
    • What is bug bounty platform and how much can you earn while doing it-en (2:09)
    • How to report vulnerability to Facebook Google Uber and Department of Defense-en (2:21)
  • Lab Setup for doing the website hacking
    • How Install your own Web Server for doing the hacking practice-en (4:31)
    • How to Install the Damn Vulnerable Web Application on your local server-en (4:51)
  • Low Level Security Vulnerabilities
    • How to find Open Redirect Vulnerability and earn up to 1200-en (5:04)
    • How to find Clickjacking Vulnerability and report it to various companies-en (7:30)
    • How I found ClickJacking Vulnerability in Khan Academy-en (2:00)
  • Medium Level Security Bugs
    • How you can tabnapping vulnerability to trick a person in to phishing attack-en (4:45)
    • What is XSS(Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability-en (6:05)
    • How to master XSS with the help of Open Bug Bounty-en (2:30)
  • Vulnerabilities that can deface the Websites
    • How to find and Exploit Local File Inclusion Vulnerability-en (7:23)
    • How to exploit Remote File Inclusion vulnerability-en (5:10)
  • Bonus Content of Website Hacking and Bug bounty platforms
    • What is unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability and How to exploit it-en (8:33)