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Python Game Development - Create A Flappy Bird Clone

Become a Professional Game Developer

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Basic understanding of Python programming-- Free copy of Python game--

Gain practical expertise in Python game development-- Build up a clone of Flappy Bird using Python game programming-- Create levels with increasing trouble and complexness-- Comprehend and utilize the opportunities Python games provide--

Python game development could be a set of Python modules composed particularly to write games. It enables you to make completely multimedia programs and featured games utilizing the Python programming language. Python is extremely standard and versatile, running on Virtually each Platform and operating system out there, therefore Mastering it's of huge profit whether or not you wish to make Python games or just about the rest.

By finishing this course, you can make open source, freeware, shareware, free, and commercial games using Python game development classes.

Target Audience

  • Python programmers
  • General programmers


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  • Introduction to the Course and the Game
    • Introduction
    • Introduction to PyGame and Initial Coding
    • Time Clock and Game Over
  • Graphics Setup
    • Initial Graphics Setup (15:23)
    • Background and Adding Graphics to the Screen
    • Working with Coordinates
  • Creating Input Controls
    • Creating Input Controls
  • Boundaries, Crash Events and Menu Creation
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
  • Creating Obstacles Using Polygons
    • Introduction
    • Completing Our Obstacles
  • Game Logic: Using Block Logic
    • Game Logic: Using Block Logic
  • Game Logic: Success Or Failure
    • Hitting Obstacles Part 1
    • Hitting Obstacles Part 2
  • Creating the Score Display
    • Creating the Score Display
  • Adding Colors and Difficulty Levels
    • Adding Colors
    • Adding Colors Part 2
    • Adding Difficulty Levels