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Big Data And Hadoop Course Training

Learn Big Data and Hadoop, data collection, social media data, stock exchange data, power grid data, search engine data and much more.

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As we know that the modern world is getting progressively digital, and this means big data is here to stay for long. Hence the position of big data and data analytics is growing rapidly. Making a career in the field of big data and analytics might just be the type of role that you have been trying to find to meet your career opportunities.

The data scientists who are working in this field can expect a good salary, with the median salary for data experts being $116,000. Even those who are at the entry level will find high salaries, with average earnings of $92,000. Hence you should not miss out this course as this is all what you need.


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  • Getting started with Big Data hadoop
    • Introduction to Big Data Hadoop
    • Scenario of Big Data Hadoop
    • Write Anatomy
    • Continuation os Write Anatomy
    • Read Anatomy
    • Continuation os Read Anatomy
  • Hadoop Word Count
    • Word Count in Hadoop
    • Running Hadoop Application
    • Continuation Hadoop Application
    • Working on Sample Program
    • Creating Method Map
    • Iterable Values
    • Output Path
    • Scary Catch Box